The Patrol Designated Marksman program is designed for agencies as a way to bridge the gap between the arrival of patrol units and the deployment of SWAT, in incidents requiring a high degree of firearm precision. These circumstances include threats or use of WMD’s, active shooter, (especially at distance or in elevated positions) and emergency hostage rescue. Patrol Designated Marksmen are not “snipers,” they are on-duty patrol officers or parameter EP agents with the training, education and equipment to successfully resolve these threats rapidly if necessary, reducing the threat to innocent citizens.

All of Joint Associates PDM instructors are former law enforcement and current Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC) certified Scoped Rifle Instructors, Patrol Designated Marksman / Scoped Rifle Course 

This three day (24 hour) course covers topics and training including:
Basics of precision rifle marksmanship
Use of magnifying rifle scope, sighting in
Ranging with Mil-Dot and/or Laser Rangefinder
Engagements at extreme up or down angles
Distant moving target engagement
Distant Threat Identification
Understanding of Ballistics
Positional Shooting
Practical exercises out to 200 yards
Qualification at 100 yards

Students must be active Security, Executive Protection, Bail Recover Agents, or Law Enforcement Officers, be qualified Patrol Rifle 

You will need the following equipment:
.223/5.56 or larger Patrol Rifle with minimum 3 power optic, capable of 2.5 inch group at 100 yards
Bipod, rifle sling
200 rounds ammunition Match Grade only
Ear/eye protection, body armor
Range appropriate clothing and footwear
Water, food/energy bars

Joint Associates provides the range, all targets, instruction, handouts and, to those who successfully complete the course, Scoped Rifle Operator Certificates.

Patrol Designated Marksman / Scoped Rifle Course - $400

Contact Orrin at 509-406-0341 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to verify minimum requirements and schedule