Orrin Knutson: While serving in the United States Army overseas as a Small Arms Armorer and Trainer, Sgt. Knutson competed as a member of the Third Armor Division Rifle and Pistol team. When he returned to the United States he signed on as the Marshal for Blackhawk Colorado, He discontinued his law enforcement career, changing gears and moving to the private sector worked for companies like Executive Protection, Storm Security Systems Inc, and Wackenhut. His job varied from bodyguard services and bail recovery to plant supervisor for security contracts in Meat and Poultry Processing. After relocating to Rock Springs, WY the next nine years were spent conducting computer information security & investigation operations as owner of Micro Media Inc. He also consulted for a variety of other private companies. Orrin maintained his commitment to firearms and self-defense training and has been committed to raising the bar for professionalism within the private security industry. After relocating to Washington State in 2002 he worked as a security professional for companies like Central Washington Investigation and Security (CWI), Markham Investigation and Protection (MIP) and Olympic Tactical and Investigations (OLYTAC) as operation managers and trainer as a WSCJTC Armed Guard Certification Trainer and provided handgun qualification for Private Security Officers, Private Detectives, and Bail Recovery Agents as well as Scoped Rifle instruction for blended LE and Private Security. While an Operations Manager, Orrin controlled over 200 security officers and Operations and Training for Pierce County Security Inc. he was interacting with over 500 security officers.He also holds DPSST Certified Trainer for Unarmed, Armed and Alarm Monitor and Executive Manager Credentials for the State of Oregon. He is currently employed as Investigator/Instructor for Raven International Investigations and World Security College and a managing member of Joint associates Center for Training currently teaching weekly classes to private security and conducts public NRA firearms classes and multi-state concealed carry classes/certifications at various ranges in Washington and Oregon.


Mathew Meyers, currently a Corrections Officer for the Washington State Department of Corrections. Mr Meyers was enlisted in the US Army as an MP where he served for 6 years. His last rank was a Sergeant. While in the Army he qualified as an expert marksman and deployed twice to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, He trained over 300 Afghan National Police how to perform basic rifle marksmanship techniques and basic team tactics. He has been teaching both civilians and military soldiers how to perform basic firearm and First Aid techniques for approximately 8 years. He is currently a Defensive Tactics and Control Tactics instructor for the Washington State Department of Corrections and hold a NRA handgun Instructor and Range Safety Officer (RSO) certificates.